There was this test I read about done on rats. There were two cages for the rats, one with barely anything in it, and quite small, and the other was big, with wheels to play in, areas┬áto mate etc. The rats had two different water suspenders, one with only water […]

Sobriety challenge

I walk on average 8000 steps a day, sometimes a lot more and sometimes a lot less. I have heard somewhere that you are supposed to walk 10.000 steps a day, and since I have a desk job it is even more important. The challenge this month is thus to […]

10.000 steps a day

I am reading a book about creativity. It all started with me being on a lecture about creativity and the guy asked “who here thinks creativity is important?”. Everyone said yes. Then he asked “who here has a job that requires being creative?”. Again everyone said yes. Finally he asked […]

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